Ejaa is an ode to the rich Kumaoni culture, indigenous craft and traditional design sensibilities. With a penchant for handmade artistry, our design philosophy focuses on reviving iconic pahadi jewellery with a modern subtlety. 

Looking to buy Pahadi jewellery of Uttarakhand? Explore traditional silver jewellery online, with Ejaa!

Pahadi Jewellery Of Uttarakhand

Ejaa's jewelmine houses a variety of treasures. You can explore silver earrings, silver neckpieces, silver bracelets and more that embody the true spirit of Garhwali & Kumaoni silver jewellery. Our masterpieces embrace modernity without leaving out the authentic shades of Uttarakhand traditional jewellery.
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Rediscover Pahadi finesse with the most intricately crafted jewellery of Uttarakhand. With Ejaa, you can buy Kumaoni, Garhwali and soulfully Pahadi silver jewellery online.
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Tradition Meets Modernity

Our aim is to revive and reimagine traditional Kumaoni jewellery with contemporary functionality and appeal. We explore archaic molds, time-honored traditions and crafts that share pan-Indian influences and bring a line of versatile jewels that transverse between seasons and generations, and focuses on lending towards a mindful living. 

Ejaa practices conscious and ethical trade with craftsmiths, vendors and artisans, implementing sustainable packaging and creating a purpose driven brand beyond jewellery. Explore traditional jewellery of Uttarakhand, buy Pahadi silver jewellery online with Ejaa.

What People Are Saying

Unique collection

"Amazing collection of pahadi silver jewellery for every occasion. Especially the staff is very professional & the jewellery is very intricate."

Poonam Bisht

Traditional yet contemporary

"The jewellery is so versatile that I wear it with traditional Indian outfits as well as modern clothes like dresses, blazers, etc."

Preeti Rajput

Beautiful jewellery

"Beautifully curated jewellery to bring out the grace of an elegant Indian woman."

Loved it!

"Ejaa has a very different and unique jewellery collection in Haldwani (Uttarakhand)! First of it's kind!"

Ritu Reddy

Highly recommended

"I loved the pahadi jewellery I bought from Ejaa. It compliments most of my outfits. Totally recommend it, if you are looking to wear something different and stylish"

Himani Anand

Best gifting option

"I bought jewellery for my sister as a gift and she was amazed to see that even Uttarakhand has such traditional jewellery which can be styled with contemporary clothes"

Vikram Patel

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Unveiling the Timeless Allure of Silver Jewelry at Ejaa Silver Jewelry Store
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Unveiling the Timeless Allure of Silver Jewelry at Ejaa Silver Jewelry Store

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Investment and Value: Buying Silver Jewelry as an Asset

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