Brainchild of 3rd generation jeweller, Parth Khandelwal and graphic designer Madhurima Singh, Ejaa is a boutique silver jewellery brand reviving indigenous craft, traditional pahadi jewellery and Kumaoni culture. Focusing on a modern rendition of his ancestral gold jewellery brand - Jaiguru Jewellers of Uttarakhand and reminiscing the lifestyles of her grandmothers and mother; Ejaa was born out of passion for design, exquisite jewellery and a strong desire to leave a global footprint of the rich Kumaoni culture.

The design philosophy focuses on reviving and interpreting iconic pahadi jewellery with modern subtlety and a penchant for age-old techniques. Handcrafted in hallmark 92.5 silver - we create transseasonal, statement jewels that is genderless and lightweight.

In Kumaoni dialect, Ejaa means Mother - a force of love, femininity and all creations of nature. Ejaa is beyond a jewellery brand, it is an homage to the strength and love of our Mother and the timeless inspiration of nature and all its creations. We hope to reflect the zeal and opulence of archaic pahadi lifestyle through our designs- genderless, celebratory and conscious.

It started with requests of traditional gold designs to be made in silver due to affordability, functionality. We discovered a common penchant for silver’s moon-like sheen and its modern appeal. We retrieved 200 year old moulds from our archive, reimagined these designs with our artisans to translate into a contemporary line of versatile, timeless and durable jewels.

All Ejaa pieces are lightweight, adjustable with a quick handedness, created for all occasions, and is genderless. We seek to initiate community engagement, practice ethically with our craftsmiths, vendors and artisans, implementing sustainable packaging and creating a purpose driven brand. Our hope to see our jewellery celebrate stories, pass over generations and become priceless memories.

To browse through our gold jewellery please visit : www.jaigurujewellers.com
Based out of Haldwani, Uttarakhand since 1985.